What are the defects?

The tapering of the inside bottom of the chair legs may lead to an entrapment or laceration hazard.

What are the hazards?

Toes or fingers may get caught in the bottom of the chair legs.

What should consumers do?

Fantastic Furniture will supply free plug insert kits to customers and these insert plugs will need to be inserted into the inside legs of the ‘Worx’ dining chair/s.
The dining chairs should only be used once the insert plugs have been properly fitted.
Please visit the store where you purchased the ‘Worx” dining chair to pick up your free insert kit, e-mail customercare@fantasticfurniture.com.au or contact your local Fantastic Furniture stores. Alternatively, you can return your Worx Dining Chair/s for a full refund.

Contact details:

For further information consumers should contact Furniture Outlet on 03 8740 9901 or via email at admin@furnitureoutlet.net.au for replacement or full refund.