Make a Consumer Complaint

Under the Australian Consumer Law, the products and services you buy in store or online come with an automatic guarantee that they will work and perform as you asked for *exceptions apply.

Consumers have the RIGHT to BUY SAFE, FIT FOR PURPOSE, QUALITY Products that meet expected compliance requirements and Australian standards.

Consumers also have the right to a refund if a furnishing product is unsafe, and can seek compensation for damages and loss caused by a safety defect in products supplied by a retailer, seller, supplier, manufacturer, or the importer of the product.

Want to know more about these guarantees?

Download the Australasian Furnishing Association Furniture Consumer Guarantee booklet HERE

Report your faulty, unsafe or non-compliant product with Furniture Complaints for advice and support to navigate your options for restitution or replacement.

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Follow these three steps for making a complaint.

Step 1 - Contact the retailer or seller

As soon as you have identified a problem, contact the retailer or seller to explain the problem and the outcome you expect. In many cases a simple phone call or visit can resolve the problem, however you must document dates, times and name of the person/s you speak with, for future reference.

The business might ask you for proof of purchase and discuss whether it is a minor or major problem in order to determine whether your problem warrants a repair, replacement of refund. Learn about your rights HERE (link to our consumer guarantee document here)

A written complaint letter is often more impactful—this way, the seller is clear about the problem and what you want, and you then have a record of your contact.

Use the easy to use Furniture Complaints 3 step process Complaint Letters HERE

Step 2 – Let us help YOU

Our Furniture Complaints specialists can assist you with your claim by providing independent advice and support from industry experts.

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If you are still having difficulty resolving your problem after this step, you may want to seek further assistance from regulatory bodies. The best place for where to go for consumer help will depend on your individual circumstances.

Step 3 - Take legal action

You may consider getting independent legal advice about options suited to your circumstances. Ask our friendly legal advisors or your local community legal centre, legal aid office, or your lawyer for advice.

Your complaint may be eligible for the small claims court or tribunal in your state or territory.

For disputes involving large sums of money, you may consider taking private legal action. Ensure that you obtain sound legal advice before taking this step, as legal action can be very expensive and there are no guarantees of success. Lodge your Application HERE.  

Our friendly legal advisors will be in touch to assist.  

For more information contact the ACCC

Contact the ACCC

Australia’s first dedicated consumer complaint handling service relating to unsafe, faulty or not fit for purpose furnishing products.

If you are dissatisfied, or have a problem with an  furnishing product or service, we want to help you, as part of our commitment to Australian consumers.


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