Product details:

Bednest 2013-2015. All Bednests sold in Australia.

What are the defects?

Concern has been raised in the UK about the height of adjustable sides of bedside cribs for infants as their movement ability increases.

What are the hazards?

Under certain conditions, an infant could move onto, or over the side, of the crib and suffer injury or death on the side panel if it is left in the half-raised position. In addition, instructions have been updated in light of the modification. It is important that the product is used in accordance with the instructions and that children are never left unsupervised if the side panel is open or in a half-raised position.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should contact Danish by Design in Australia and they will be sent a small kit, which enables the half drop side to be fixed.

The self-fit modification locks the side panel so that it is no longer capable of folding in half, effectively making it like the existing non-folding panel. Consumers will still be able to lower the whole panel as a bridge to the bed, giving access to the baby.

The modification does not require any specialist skills and will take only three to four minutes to complete. The kit consists of two small screws and a screwdriver, and the screws are simply inserted into holes that already exist in the hinge of the folding panel.

Contact Danish by Design in Australia on email;, and we will send you the modification kit by post. The kits will start shipping shortly, and include simple instructions for fitting.

If you have sold or loaned the Bednest to someone else, please pass on this Product Safety Notice to the current user / owner if you can.

Contact details:

If you have more questions, you can email, or call our office on 03 95880999.