Consumers can also seek compensation for damages and loss caused by a safety defect in products supplied by a manufacturer.

Product liability

Generally the manufacturers or importers of products are liable, but if other suppliers, such as retailers, cannot identify the manufacturer or importer, they may be deemed liable for the damages.

Suppliers may reduce their exposure to product liability action by using these responsible and sensible business practices:

  • conduct regular reviews of product designs and production
  • implement and review quality assurance procedures
  • test products regularly to relevant standards, including batch testing
  • conduct appropriate marketing
  • provide clear and thorough user instructions 
  • where necessary, conduct a quick voluntary recall of any products that are defective or unsafe.

Buying safe products

The Australian Consumer Law contains a range of protections to help ensure that the products you buy are safe.

Mandatory standards

Certain products sold in Australia are subject to mandatory standards. These are introduced when considered reasonably necessary to prevent or reduce the risk of injury to a person.

If a product is subject to a mandatory standard, it must meet particular safety criteria before it can be sold in Australia.

Furniture Complaints handles consumer complaints and works closely with all parties, including the peak industry organisation, The Australasian Furnishing Association and regulatory bodies, to rectify each issue as it comes to hand.

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